DevOps Engineer


Our stack:
— Orchestrators: Swarm/ECS, K8s/EKS
— Monitoring: Prometheus/Grafana, Cloudwatch (in some cases)
— Loggin: ELK Stack (filebeat,logstash,elastic, kibana)
— Cloud: AWS Cloud and ESXi (on-prem)
— Queues: SQS, RabbitMQ
— Chaching: Redis Cache
— IAC: Terraform
— WAF/DNS: Cloudflare
— Testing: nunit/mstest/jest/pester
— Apps: Developing using net.core and react

— At least 2 years of work experience as a DevOps engineer
— experience with cloud services (Amazon Web Services preferably)
— AWS: EC2, s3, ecs, efs, ELB, ALB, NLB, AWS Elastic search, Cloudwatch, RDS MSSQL/MySQL, AWS CloudMap
— Familiar with tools: .Net, MS Build, SonarQube, PowerShell/cmd, SQL, nunit/mstest/jest, nuget, npm, Bash, Git

Nice to have

— Experience .Net and Powershell
— Experience with AzureDevOps Server (TFS)
— Experience with ESXi
— Experience with RabbitMQ
— Elasticsearch


— Configuration/Maintainance/Monitoring infrastructure for Dev, PreProd, Prod environments
— Configuration and improvement of CI/CD/CT using best practices (we’re using AzureDevOps Server)
— Optimization of existing environments/structure (currently AWS Cloud, ESXI Cluster on-prem)
— Take part in environment/architecture planning
— Lead efforts to improve the availability, performance & reliability of existing production environments
— Take part in the POC of new tools and technologies
— Writing infrastructure as code with Terraform using AWS/ESXi providers
— Actively support and work closely with the development teams

Why joining us

— Cutting-edge technology stack
— Ability to work with a big amount of environments (more than 15)
— Team of strong IT professionals working in a dynamic startup environment
— Practices we follow: CI\CD\CT
— Ability to grow as professional
— Competitive salary, reasonable and fair working conditions, flexible schedule
— Centrally located office near Poshtova Square metro station with a great view from our terrace
— Medical insurance

About us

Maxitech is looking for Middle Manual QA Engineer to join the Kyiv team, building a portfolio of products linked to each other with the business goals they are addressing. Our project is long term and has stable financing. There are existing solutions for Marketing&Sales departments which are already in production and having active phase of new functions development as well as start-up products.

Maxitech team’s target is developing software solutions maximizing the performance of the core business. Its users make thousands of trades every month.

Our company’s headquarters is in Tel Aviv while R&D office is in Kyiv.

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