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Our achievements

We went through 2020 together, supporting each other, growing and becoming stronger.

Also, we highlighted the top 3 work aspects we improve in the first quarter of 2021. We keep it simple and transparent. This is one of the ways we show our genuine care.

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  • OMG, it’s the most pleasant occasion that happened to me lately) thank you, I’m pleased


  • Olya, hi! Thank you and your team for the gift. It’s very cute and veeery pleasant! Happy holidays! J”


    Front-end developer
  • Hi, thanks a lot for the basket, it’s very pleasant indeed) You are amazing for coming up with this idea!”


    Layout engineer
  • I enjoyed working with you) it’s a pleasure to work with the professionals JI will remember your company, so probably we will together in the future


    PO candidate
  • Olya, hi. I’m happy that I was granted a chance to work in Maxitech. It’s very important for me. But now upon circumstances, I need to move to another country, which contradicts with the plans of our cooperation. Therefore I decided to decline the offer. It was a pleasure to meet, thanks for your time. Let’s stay in touch


    QA Candidate


To be updated in the future (at least the pics from the webinars recorded and shared)

Referral program

60% of Maxitech employees are referred by their peers or friends. If you know the best ones in the field and wish the best for them, share their contacts with us so we can make them happier with their workplace. Your referral bonus will send to you with the selfie happy face of the employee when the trial ends.